The sequel to Caravan is here, and things aren't as different as you might first expect.

After all, for everything Ace did for the ecosystem and the survival of a post-apocalyptic Earth, she did very little to clean the contamination that lies in the heart of humankind.  From the bandits and slavers that make travel dangerous, to the discrimination and power-mongering that infest the settlements, Ace sees that when you make saving the world your job, it's a job that never ends.

In response, she's put together an all-new team to follow her.  Hivemind is a good ol' boy, a compound-eyed mutant dedicated to making the world safer.  Whisper is a very shy and private woman, a lover of animals, and a skilled boxer.  With this team and an old friend, can Ace continue the job she started? And for how long?

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